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Probation Violation lawyer / Bench Warrants LawyerWhen one is placed upon community supervision (probation), one is on “thin ice”. It is the responsibility of the probationer to fulfill all obligations imposed by the judge’s order. If anything goes wrong, it is the responsibility of the probationer; not the field probation office: nor the probation department.

That said, should a probationer fail to meet the conditions of probation, it is possible that a violation may occur. Some violations result in a face to face meeting with the judge, in which the court admonishes the probationer and urges him/her to do better.

Unfortunately, sometimes the district attorney’s office files a motion to proceed to adjudication, (for those on deferred adjudication), or a motion to revoke probation, (for those on straight probation).

Parole / Probation Violation Lawyer Dallas

If a motion is filed, an arrest warrant follows. In misdemeanor cases, a bond may be posted to lift the warrant and bring about a court appearance date. In felony cases, it can be more complicated. In either event, it is essential that you hire an attorney immediately, because you are in deep trouble and you need a lawyer to “level the playing field”, with the hope that the result will be restoration of probation status and no jail or prison time.

Generally speaking, there are three (3) ways that a motion will certainly be tiled:

  • An arrest for something more serious that a traffic ticket;
  • Failure to report to probation;
  • One or more failures of a urine analysis to detect drug usage.

If community service is not completed or if restitution is owed, a motion can be filed.

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During these stressful times you might feel helpless, but with the right Dallas probation violation lawyer you’ll stand a much better chance fighting any allegations in the State’s motions to revoke/adjudicate. Since there are limitations on the choices available when a violation has been filed it is important to act quickly because the longer you wait, the harder it is to negotiate.

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