Early Release From Community Supervision (Probation)

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Early Release From Community Supervision (Probation)Article 42.12, Section 20. of the Texas Criminal procedure — Code and Rules, reads as follows:

Sec.20. Reduction or Termination of Community Supervision.

(a) At any time after the defendant has satisfactorily completed one-third of the original community supervision period or two years of community supervision, whichever is less, the period of community supervision may be reduced or terminated by the judge.

This is a provision of the law which is often overlooked by individuals who have been placed on probation, especially Felony probation which often lasts for any years. Sometimes, lawyers neglect to tell or emphasize to their clients about this section and sometimes clients,after a long period of time, forget that their lawyer advised them of this provision. In any event, it is often a simple thing to accomplish with multiple benefits.The legal fee associated with this effort is often a small percentage of the monetary savings, not to mention the psychological impact associated with being released from probation years before being scheduled to do so.

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